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Founded in late 2021, the Australian Postgraduate Algebra Colloquium (APAC) primarily functions as a series of online seminars tailored for undergraduate and postgraduate students in algebra. The colloquium aims to provide students a platform to practice giving seminar talks on, to meet and socialise with other students and early-career researchers in algebra, and to learn about a wide range of topics in mathematics.

The word "algebra" is interpreted broadly, and we aim for the colloquium to be inclusive of, but not limited to, students in any of the following disciplines:

We also strongly enourage undergraduate students, international students, and academics to participate in the seminars and elect to give a talk.

Colloquium Structure

All seminars will be approximately 50 minutes in length and they will be a "What is...?" style seminar. A "What is...?" seminar is a seminar in which the speaker has to give a talk which is structured around a title of the form "What is ...?". Examples of possible talk titles include "What is a hyperbolic group?", "What is the von Neumann conjecture?", "What is a Kac algebra?"...

All talks should be aimed at students with an undergraduate background in mathematics and hence should be accessible to a wide variety of audiences.